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A Clockwork Orange VHS Tape + Custom Artwork Clamshell Case Big Box

  • $15.95

A Clockwork Orange VHS Tape + Custom Retro Styled Artwork and Clamshell Case.

Original custom VHS artwork by Jared Swart.

The reverse side of the custom slip cover is numbered and signed by Jared Swart.

Slip cover artwork printed in high resolution on 180 GSM high quality coated paper. Printed edge-to-edge with no borders.

Clamshell case and tape may show minor slight signs of wear as they are sourced from auctions. 


ready to ship in 2-4 business days 

shipping allow 2-6 business days


Jared Swart Artwork & Apparel has an average rating of 5 stars across the internet for both quality and service. We love our customers because you have superior sense of artistic taste ;)  THANK YOU for your business and we look forward to welcoming you into our happy gang of art lovers! :)

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